Sturle Dagsland 2019 China Tour

Beijing, Beidaihe, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Dali, Kunming, Shanghai

Sturle Dagsland 2019 China Tour

Norwegian experimental ethno-world music duo Sturle Dagsland signed with MusicDish*China in late 2018 and had their first China tour in September 2019

* The tour included 9 shows in 7 cities, including Beijing, Beidaihe, Tianjin, Dali, Kunming, Hangzhou and Shanghai

* The duo performed in various types of settings, including 2 shows at the World Music Asia Festival in Shanghai and 3 shows in gallery/art spaces including Contemporary Gallery Kunming, Danish Culture Center and Jelu Art Space

* The tour featured several opening Chinese acts, including ByeByeFish (Beijing, Beidaihe & Tianjin), MangQu Xingzhe, Jiyun Wang & Yotam Sivan (Kunming), 硬Hard / bREAKtHEdOLL (Hangzhou)

* The final show at Danish Culture Center featured a collaboration between the duo and live arts performer Lizi

* MusicDish*China successfully applied for a grant with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the embassy in Beijing

* The tour coincided with MusicDish*China's release of their discography on all the major Chinese streaming music services



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